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How to prepare capital market and securities laws IN Less time

By Lecture Dekho

Tips To Score Well In Capital Market and Securities laws

Today we are providing tips to prepare CS Executive Capital Market and Securities laws. ICSI has given subject wise specific guidance to CS Executive students who are going to write CS Executive exam . 


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The CS Executive Capital Market and Securities laws subject Capital Market and Securities Laws is a very important subject of the CS Course.

Students’ general perception that Capital Markets and Securities Laws is a theoretical subject, is a myth. The objective of this paper is to give expert knowledge; therefore a student has to be fully conversant of all applicable laws in securities laws. After passing the CS course, the members have to deal with the practical situations and apply the theory of the relevant subject.

Before Moving Further first of all I Would LIKE to Tell some Important things about this subject . If You really want to understand and clear this DO THIS

  1.  Start reading any Business Newspaper or watching Business Channel .
  2. During this Try to Catch The Words used in  Newspaper and  Channel.

FOR BEST  capital market Lecture Refer this 


Keeping this in view, student should keep the following points into consideration.

1. Concentrating more on the analytical skill for implication of theory in a given case.

2. As mentioned above a company secretary can conduct internal audit as well as be a compliance officer of the company, so a student is required to have thorough knowledge on Listing Agreement and also on various intermediaries’ regulations.

3. With the enactment of Companies Act, 2013 SEBI has been taking initiatives to align with Companies Act, 2013 and in this direction, it has revised clause 49. So a student has to be well versed with the provisions of clause 49, their applicability and corresponding provisions of Companies Act, 2013 for better understanding and grasp of the subject.

4. Referring case study as posted on the website of SEBI (www.sebi.gov.in) regularly.

5. Attend study circle meetings organised by the chapters regularly on the related topic.

6. Access the websites of SEBI, NSE, BSE etc. for the updated rules and regulations.

7. Referring to one financial daily and journal for latest happenings in the corporate world with respect to the securities laws.

8. Refer to Institute’s Journal ‘Student Company Secretary e-Bulletin’ and ‘Chartered Secretary’ for constant updation on legislative changes made from time to time.

9. For updation, Students are advised to read ‘Student Company Secretary e-Bulletin’, Chartered Secretary, Bare Act, SEBI recommended books and other publications on the subject.

The Students preparing for Executive Programme are advised to study effectively for proper understanding, knowledge adequate gain and have conceptual clarity on the subject. It is equally important to have command and grasping over the subject of Capital Markets and Securities Laws to form a strong foundation which will be helpful at professional level to clear the examination.

Thanks for reading Guys    


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