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Effective plan to pass CA ( It works)

By Lecture Dekho

Hello CA Students ,

To clear CA Exams, students are advised to have a long-term strategy. Though most of the serious candidates start preparation 9-12 months before the exam date, there are candidates who successfully achieve top ranks with only a few months of dedicated study. So what matters is not the duration of the preparation, but the quality of the same.


Passing CA Exam and becoming CA is the dream of every CA Student. The Dream is not only of student but it is of many more associated with him/her like Parents, Relatives, Friends, Teachers, Neighbors, GF, BF, Spouse and Rivals too (Rivals prey for their failure). For fulfilling this dream Students do hard work day and night, study late, prepares notes, do brain storming and many more uncounted efforts but few of them able to crack the same. Why?

A Student asked from himself/herself after result, that I have taken Coaching of all subjects from renowned study faculties, I have purchased all the famous books, purchased the videos and lectures, revise the books but then also l am not able to achieve the targets. What is the reason behind the same?

The main reason is Strategy and Approach of taking and Preparing for the Course. Study everything does not means that a Student is ready for the exams and able to perform well. One has to think over his/her ways of taking the course, preparation and strategy and approaches.

Merely taking the coaching does not make any one prepare for the exams and only very few from the crowd will be able to perform by merely taking the coaching. But for rest proper strategy and approach has to be prepared and followed strictly.

Some common and heavy mistakes Students occurs during CA Course and at the time of exams and their solutions are:

Too Much is Good for Nothing

Collecting and purchasing books of many authors of one subject which is totally irrelevant and money wastage. The content of all the books are almost same and trustworthy. One must choose only one Study book during the completion of exam.

Since every author has a specific pattern of writing the books and adopting many books will make a Student confuse and he/she waste the time in understanding, analyzing and adopting the pattern.

So this is the first blunder mistake most of the students do. However the practice books in which solved and unsolved question and answers are given can be adopted of two or three writers to do the practice and grasping of subject.

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Poor Practice

This is second and one of the major reason for failure.
“Maine to sab study kar liya hai and ab sidhe exam me hi answers solve karunga/karungi” this is the worst strategy and approach one adopts and goes down.

It is completely agreed that you have studied and understand everything but without practice how you can perform. When you do not develop the habit of solving the questions then in exams one will kill the time in thinking for doing a particular question and most of the students do so, due to which they are unable to complete the paper on time and also does not effectively write the answers of attempted questions.

So to avoid all these please do practice of every subject write the answers, evaluate your mistakes, rectify them and learn. Suppose you have completed a chapter of Accounts then after a week start solving the questions without viewing the answers and then afterwards evaluate your mistakes and learn.

How You Manage Your Time

This factor is also attached with point no. b above (Lack of Practice). Since most of the students does not effectively utilize their time before exams for preparations and in the exams too for solving the paper.

When you do not know in how much time you have to finish a particular question then definitely you will consume more than enough time in a particular question. Suppose a Question of 20 Numbers is there so the maximum time of solving the same will be 25-26 Minutes and rest spare minutes for revision of that question.

If you have done good practice then you can manage the time in exams because you know how much time to be consumed in a particular question and also which question needs to be solved first,


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Bad Planning

Now a day’s 15 Minutes are given to Students for Planning and Analyzing the Question Paper. So instead of solving any particular question in those 15 Minutes mark on the Question Paper that which Question needs to be attempted first and next and further by viewing the question content and topic to which question relates.

This will help you in completing the paper on time and also in attempting the questions regarding which you know the solutions and very confident. Otherwise due to improper planning and lack of timing you can left the question of which you know the solution very well then it will be very disappointing.

Pre Paper Attempts

Before appearing in actual exams give the exams at your home by solving Mock Test Papers and getting them evaluating from others like Friends (CA Students/CAs not everyone, Relatives (If specialized in any field).

This will enhance your confidence and help on the day of exam. Suppose If you have given the Mock Test of Accounts by creating a exam environment at home i.e. 3 Hours without disturbance and only question paper and answer sheet and get the sheet evaluated from any expert then you get some intrinsic benefits like you can able to manage the timings, you can able to create the strategy for attempting question paper, you can get know your weak areas after evaluation and for sure your confidence will build up.

If you write the exam of a particular group three times also then assume you have given three attempts of CA before the main exams. If you do not have any expert panel then get enrolled on some online expert websites eduex, preca. This approach will work like Life Saving Drug to you.

Stop Discussions

For God sake do not discuss anything from any one after attempting the exam. This will snatch and ruin your next 2 beautiful months of life in only unnecessary thinking and tensions. After exams groups of students formed and they start discussing why?
What is the need now? And one most important point those groups will never discuss any ticklish topic before the exams or during the preparations. So better avoid such things.

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Preparation Approach

Subject preparation approach must be easy and realistic and achievable. If your strategy and approach will be unrealistic and complex then you can’t able to achieve the same.

For example if one says that I can complete the Law Subject in just 7-8 days then he may but how effectively and efficiently and up to how much period.

So make the easy and achievable strategy. For example start with one Practical and one theory Subject (Accounts and Law) (Audit and SFM) (Costing and IDT) (ISCA and DT). This will also make your interest in subjects otherwise you can lose the interest.

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Reduce Very High Expectations

Always expect less and deliver more. Dissatisfaction starts from expectations. More you expect less you get and result is dissatisfaction and ruining your life. Do not expect much and never let other very high expectations from you either your relatives or any associated person. Because over expectation always leads to make you underperform and will show you adverse results.

Keep Away yourself from Gagets 

As i have seen that most of the students waste their time on Mobile and Laptop … so my strong suggestion is to please give less

time to Gagets and More time to your Books .

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Mind Relaxing

It is very important to relax your mind because if mind relax it start thinking and retaining more things for a longer period. So make your mind relax on various intervals by outing or sporting or the way you wishes.

If the above factors can be considered then one can definitely becomes CA from CA Student.

I hope all the prospective and bright CA Students can get benefit from my article.

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