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How to Face CA  CS CMA Exams Failure !

How to Face CA CMA CS Exams Failure : Were you failed in recent CA CMA CS Exams ? Failed again and again ? Is your Friends, relatives asking you how many times you failed or which attempt now etc etc…..leave them. just think about you..you also feel same like above ?

This is for you only..For only guys who are failures…!


How to Face CA CMA CS Exams Failure

Successful people are differentiated from the normal people not by the amount of success of achieved, but by the way how they converted their failures into success. Many people don’t know how to overcome failure.

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They start saying: It was very difficult, I had no luck, I don’t have time, and It must be done etc.

1. They always look for excuses.

2. They blame the situations and persons.

3. They always see the problems–not the solution

4. They say: Why is it happening to me? – Without seeing the opportunity presented to them.

5. They will be frustrated by the situation seem helpless; give up and live an unsatisfactory life without achieving what they want.

Managing Failure:

Develop New Strategy

Important Note – Preparing for CA,CS,CMA REFER THIS?

Failure is a part of every one’s life. Everyone fails at one time or the other. I should say, there is probably more to learn from the failure than from success. At times failures give you the start which was required by you to achieve your goals. So treat them as learning experiences and use these experiences to develop new strategies to achieve your objective in a more effective way.

Maintain Positive Attitude

The choice of attitude will decide your life. Negative thoughts have no strength until you feed them. By having negative attitude you will create you own hurdles in your life. Every one encounters problems. But the ability to solve their problems lies on their attitude towards them.

When it rains all the birds fly for shelter. But eagle alone avoids the rain by flying above the cloud.

Problem is common to all but Attitude is different.

Never lose attitude even in the worst of times,because it will ultimately help you in your journey towards Success.

Never Give Up


When encountered with failure many people will give up; as they don’t know what to do. If you hold on to that rope a little longer success may be yours. These obstacles will always help you to strengthen your character. So, “NEVER EVER GIVE UP”.

Stay Motivated

Motivation is the best thing that is helpful to you to achieve your goals, and finally to live a satisfactory life. Without motivation we may be constantly depressed and will be low on confidence.

So try to find the things which motivate you and always sting on to them.


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Famous people who succeeded despite failure

Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhiji is an average student who passed his matriculation exam with difficulty. After completing law, he failed at establishing his practice and he did a part-time job as a school teacher.

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein didn’t speak till he is four and didn’t read until he is seven.His parents thought that he is sub-normal. His teacher said that he is mentally slow. He was expelled from school and failed in the entrance exam to the Polytechnic Institute. But he turned out to win a Nobel Prize. How to Face CA CMA CS Exams Failure.

Thomas Alva Edison

He failed nearly 10,000 times before inventing the Light Bulb. When he was asked “How did it feel to fail 10,000 times”. He replied that “I didn’t fail. I found 10,000 ways which won’t work. Every failure is another step forward”. How to Face CA CMA CS Exams Failure.


Amitabh Bachchan

Before entering the film industry, he applied for an announcer’s job with All India Radio. But was rejected as his voice was deemed not suitable. How to Face CA CMA CS Exams Failure.

JK Rowling

The author of Harry Potter wrote her first book Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone on an old type writer after she got separated from her husband. It was rejected by 12 publishers. But after one year, Barry Cunningham from Bloomsbury accepted it with the advice to take a job because there was no money in Children’s Books. How to Face CA CMA CS Exams Failure.

Karoly Takacs

He is a Hungarian Shooter who lost is shooting arm in an explosion. He didn’t give up. He taught himself to shoot with his left hand and went onto win two consecutive Olympic Gold Medals.

Walt Disney

He was the man who gave us the Mickey, and the beautiful Disneyland. But he was fired by a newspaper saying that he lacked imagination. He went bankrupt several times before he built Disney World.

Michael Jordan

He is a former professional Basketball player, was cut from his High School Basketball team. He once quoted

“I’ve failed over and over again in my life. That is why I succeeded.”

Other Famous Failures who succeeded

Abraham Lincoln, Socrates, the Beatles, Richard Branson, Henry Ford, Charlie Chaplin, Van Beethoven, Helen Keller, Marilyn Monroe and so on.

They all have one thing in common rising from the Failure.


  • Opportunity often comes in disguised in the form of misfortune or temporary defeat-Napoleon Hill
  • So, always make sure that you are there to let it in.
  • Only those who dare to fail greatly can achieve greatly-Robert F. Kennedy
  • Our greatest gory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall-Confucius
  • Little minds are tamed and subdued by misfortune; but great minds rise above them-Washington Irving
  • Quitters don’t Win, Winners don’t quit.
  • Think positive, act positive and achieve positive results.
  • Failure comes before success even in the dictionary.
  • Success won’t come without failure. Failure is always part of success. It’s reality. If you take steps to improve yourself every day you will achieve success in no time.
  • Hope this article will help you to achieve success.

Attend Classes Properly

The very first step to pass any exams is attending classes. Attending each and every class is very important for all CA, CWA/CMA, CS students. Without proper knowledge of subject you cannot clear out exams. So focus on the professor’s classes and learn subjects without doubts. One  of the common mistake of a student who attends the exams is attempting the exam with mindful of doubts.

  • Don’t sleep in classrooms.
  • Don’t waste time in class’s intervals.
  • Don’t go late classes.

Just know the lesson and try to understand the lesson in text-book or material before your teacher telling that lesson in classroom. This will help you to understand subject very easily. And you’ll got a chance to clarify your doubts when you trying understand it before.

Revise the lessons daily, weekly, monthly

Our subject is always seems very easy to understand in classrooms especially law, tax, auditing etc. theory subjects. Even in preparation time we can do any problem or we can answer any theory and we can explain that subject to our friends. But here the very known truth by every student is “we don’t have remember that subject in exam hall”. The very common problem said by every student is “I practiced it very well and I knew/read that question but I failed to remember it in exams”.

The only solution for this common problem is Revision. Only revision or practice makes you perfect in subject. Minimum 3 times of perfectrevision will keep you safe side in exams. So you have to revise each and every lesson and topic daily, weekly and monthly. How to Face CA CMA CS Exams Failure.

Be Perfect in Institution’s study material and practice manual

In exams the major topics and model problems are asking from Institution’s study material and practice manual. it is very better for you to be perfect in these text-book/study material and practice manual. First do practice  both study material and practice manual and later go to your other favorite materials. Of course other reference books are also important to easy understand of subject but don’t neglect Institution’s material.



Combined Studies

Combined studies also will play key role to passing exams. Because in combined studies we have a chance to clarify our doubts immediately and save our time from wasting by doubts. And there is also a chance to wastage of time with bad friends/classmate or roommates. Choose friends wisely and do combined studies. Avoid chit-chat and talking useless. How to Face CA CMA CS Exams Failure.

Don’t spend your full study hours for Combined Studies. also prepare your own self for 4 or 5 hours daily.

Practice,Mock Test Papers and Previous year papers

MOCK TEST and Suggested Answers will help you to improve “Conceptual Clarity” in every topics of covered syllabus and it is very important to check out previous exams papers and solutions to get known about how Examination Board asks questions in exams.

After the declaration of Result, there are a few happy faces of candidates who’ve managed to clear the exams. Their hard work has been rewarded and they are all charged up for a good career ahead. On the other hand some are not happy with their results here i am listing 15 Reasons why CA students fail in CA exams. How to Face CA CMA CS Exams Failure.

“The greatest failure in life is the failure to try again”

But after the results of every exam there are many sad faces as well of candidates who’ve failed to clear their exams. With passing percentages of professional competitive exams being too low, very few candidates manage to clear their exams and the rest are declared as failed. Reasons why CA students Fail. How to Face CA CMA CS Exams Failure.

“Failure improves the taste of victory”

Interestingly, a high proportion of the candidates who appear for such exams are those who’ve been outstanding in their career record throughout ¾ and when they face failure, they get traumatized. Many candidates get demotivated and get depressed about their failure. that is why i am writing this article Reasons why CA students fail in ca exam.

“Man needs difficulties in life because they are necessary to enjoy the success.”



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