Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How lectures will be recorded by fresher teachers who dont have already recorded lectures?

Ans1 . Don’t worry softwares and know how will b provided by

Q2. What are the charges for registering as a Seller on

Ans2. Registration and Listing your products on is absolutely free. We only charge an after sales commission for each sale of your product on

Q3. What all I can sell as a Seller on

Ans3. Only Education and related materials can be sold on platform. You can list and sell e Learning products in different formats like Online, CDs, DVDs, Pen/USB drives, Tablets etc.

Q4. How will I receive a purchase/sales notification from

Ans4. Once an order of your product/s is placed on, you will receive an email from with the necessary user details: (Name, Email, Mobile and Postal Address) to fulfill the order.

Q5. Are there any order delivery timelines for the sellers?

Ans5. Yes, you have to fulfill any order of your product within 24-48 hours. This timeline is for products where the mode of delivery is online i.e. via email.
For tangible products (CD/DVD, USB/Pen drive, Tablets) the shipment must be dispatched within 24-48 hours, notifying the user and seller support team of with tracking code.

Q6. What is the process to deliver an order? How can help me in order delivery?

Ans6. For Online Deliveries Login Credentials or Activation Code should be sent to the registered user’s email address within 24-48 hours. For tangible products seller has to ship the product to registered user’s shipping address within 24-48 hours. We can help you with online deliveries, please contact seller support on +91 8285488836 / +91 7531858844.

Q7. What is the payment cycle on

Ans7. We credit payments directly into the seller’s bank account through NEFT. Depending upon the sales volume, payment cycle is decided for respective sellers on

Q8. What are the benefits of selling on

Ans8. is a dedicated e-commerce platform for selling of education and e-Learning products. We are connected with millions of students across India to whom you can directly sell your products. We continuously promote ourselves and our sellers through various channels of marketing like Social Media, TV Advs., Emails, SMSs and many more. is a platform where you can reach to maximum students with minimum of efforts.

Q9. I don’t have an Online Test Platform of my own, how can I sell my Online Tests on

Ans9. We provide our online technology platform to sellers who doesn’t have their own online test platform. You use our platform to create tests, then form a package. You can then list these packages on listing platform and generate sales. For more details please contact our seller support team on +91 8285488836 / +91 7531858844.

Q10. How handles refund or Cancellation request ?

Ans10. All the online products on are listed as Non-Cancelled/ Non Refundable. reserves all the rights in case of to accept/reject any order cancellation or refund request. For tangible products, damaged products are replaced and resent by the sellers to the users. For more details please go through our shipment policy.
How shipments are made for tangible products like CD/DVD, USB drives, Tablets etc.? All the shipments will be made by the sellers for tangible products. After each order sellers will notify the user and seller support team with the tracking code to track the delivery of the order. For more details please go through our shipment policy.